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Hortencia (Tess) Harmon, Enrolled Agent
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“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”
― Oprah Winfrey 

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My name is Hortencia Harmon, everyone calls me Tess.  I currently live in Gilbert and work in Mesa AZ.  Before I moved to Arizona I lived in Alaska for about 22 years. 

I grew up in Anchorage Alaska where I attended West Anchorage High and University of Alaska, there I studied Accounting and Business Management.  I grew up in a very hardworking, entrepreneurial family, and that has helped me in my successes since moving to Arizona.

I married my husband in Anchorage and then moved to Arizona where we have lived, worked, built businesses, and raised three great kids over the past 20 some years.

We have always been very independent and used our combined experiences to make our dreams come true.  A couple of the businesses we have owned and operated over the years include.  Stix Food Vending– a kabob booth which we traveled all around Arizona  with, going to Jazz and Arts festivals.  Later we also ran 18 concession stands for the City of Mesa Parks And Rec Dept.  Then there was Kool Kritters – Doggy Hats.  we traveled the West Coast representing the inventor of the Original Doggy Hats.  These businesses gave me a lot of hands on experience with all aspects of business operations.  From bookkeeping and payroll to Sales Tax and Income Tax to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Collections. 

Over the years I worked for Car Dealerships, Life Insurance Companies, Road Construction Companies, always gathering knowledge and storing it for the future.

In fall of 1999 I studied and became a tax professional.  Specialazing in Individual and Small Business Returns.  I began to work for a local Tax Preparation Firm in January of 2000.  There I saw how the tax business treated its customers and how they would get transferred to whatever tax preparer was available and many times the tax companies would hire unqualified preparers who would make unnecessary mistakes because they were not diligent enough.  I worked for that company for four tax seasons and then decided to form my own company.

By that time my husband and I had purchased and refurbished an old building in the downtown Mesa area.  We set up our two offices in the front of the building.  His is Real Estate and mine is Tax Preparation.  We also have a Warehouse in the back which is used for a store that is operated by our children. (See my links Page)

I have now owned Pro Tax Prep for 10 years and I love it.  My customers know that they will always be treated with dignity and respect no matter what their net worth may be.  I offer a quiet, clean, comfortable environment where the customer can sit back and relax and rest assured that I am doing everything in my power to produce the lowest tax liability legally possible for them.  I pride myself in my ability to strive under pressure.  Always staying calm, cool and collected throughout the tax season.  One of the key strengths of any tax professional is organization and time management.  Many times I get new clients who complain about previous firms who took too long or who never communicated with them. I can prepare most basic returns within 24 hours and complex returns within two weeks.

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